Paul Needs Answers: If Europe Uses Military Time, Why Are Their Clocks Still 1-12, Not 0-23?

Some, but maybe not all, know that I’m currently abroad in Europe for the semester. Just traversing a continent, running the hottest up and coming sports/music/deep thoughts blog based in the South Suburbs of Chicago, and getting a degree at the same time #humblebrag.

But one thing’s been eating at me, and it has to do with clocks. I’m on board with the military-style time keeping. For our not so smart readers, that means that 2:30 in the afternoon would be 14:30. Objectively, that’s better, but I’ll never admit that Europe’s doing something better than us.

Why though do they still use the normal clock here? If your military time’s so much better (and they think it is), then get your own damn clock. I only see 1-12 on this clock, where’s your 14, 18, 20?


Invent yourselves a clock with 0-23 on it to keep track of the time. Yeah, it would be extremely goofy looking. Yeah, you’d run into some trouble with counting minutes on it at the same time. That’s not for us to figure out, you guys can do that work. I found a few prototypes on the Internet (wild thing it is, let me tell you), and they’re uglier than I thought. But I stand by my statements that if they’re so wed to this 24 hour clock stuff, they need to buck up and go all the way with it.

24 hour clock.jpg

That seems to be the most common thought of what it would look like, so I guess I’m stupid. Because this is what I was imagining:

24 hour clock 2.jpg

I also don’t think they should have 24 on them, that makes no sense. There’s no such thing as 24 o’clock, it’s 0 o’clock unless I truly have misunderstood all of this clock business. Paul needs answers, please give them to him.



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