MLB Postseason Predictions

October, the best month of the year.  The NFL is in full swing, hockey and basketball are about to begin, but more importantly, the MLB Postseason.  The amount of talent in the playoffs this year is unreal. The Red Sox, Cubs, Rangers, and Dodgers are all teams that bring so many talents to the table.

I am a Cubs fan, so this postseason is very special to me because they have the talent to win it all this year, however, its the Chicago Cubs, so something crazy could happen again.  My friend always explains the Cubs situation as Charlie Brown trying to kick a football, they get so close, but come up short every time.  Even so, I have confidence in the team this year, the pitching staff looks great and the offense lead by Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo has been quite productive this year.  The bar is set very high for them this year and I think they have the talent to win it all (knock on wood*).

Another team that I like this year is a team that I mentioned above, the Boston Red Sox.  I’m sure my fellow writer Ryan Kelly would be happy to hear that I am picking the Red Sox to make the World Series.  They too, have an amazing pitching staff which is surprisingly led by Rick Porcello, who won twenty-two games this year.  Their offense also might be the best in the Majors, led by David Ortiz, Xander Bogaerts, and Mookie Betts.  I enjoyed watching them play throughout the year.

My pick for top performer in the playoffs has to be Mookie Betts.  Betts had an amazing regular season this year, batting .318 with 31 homers and 113 RBIs, along with 26 stolen bases.  Betts is a five tool player who will have a big impact on the Red Sox’s success.

Get ready for an exciting October (and a little bit of November)!


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