Cops Shoot Machete-Wielding Man Inside Colorado Football Facilities

Scary story out of Boulder yesterday, where cops had to shoot and kill a man running around with a damn machete.

Via TMZ, it started off as an “altercation” in the parking lot, and then the guy pulled out a machete and started running around, eventually ending up in the same sports complex as the football locker room and weight room.

Such a power move pulling out the full machete to fight. Hard to conceal that. Maybe a small machete, but I’m imagining a freaking ninja-type sword coming out of the clouds from this guy.

Had to shoot him, absolutely, and thankfully no one got hurt. But I actually respect it, because he didn’t pull out a gun and try to fight. He went old-fashioned with it, and committed to his cause. Not a great cause, of course not, but a cause none the less.

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