Clowns are just weird in general

For some god forsaken reason the newest viral trend is going “clowning”. People are dressing up and running around neighborhoods trying to scare people. First off the guys that are the best at it are the dedicated ones, full face paint, wacky clothes, big shoes and any object that could be a weapon. Please don’t go out their if your just going to put on a mask with your jeans, go big or go home. It’s not the fact these guys are scaring people that makes clowns look bad, clowns are honestly just a weird concept.

Image result for original clowns

Its unbelievable that guy was made to bring joy to people. Why do we need a grown man in overdone face paint to bring people happiness. I put Magicians in the same category as clowns.Magicians are kind of quirky guys too, make people ooh and ahh, they just don’t paint themselves and get all in your face.

I will admit the talents a clown brings are damn impressive: 1. Uni cycling- easily the number one thing I want to learn just so I can use it as my fun fact. 2. Balloon animals- When they make them really fast it looks cool, never know what to do with the finished product though and I think they only make dogs and giraffes.

Moral of the story “Clowning” and being a clown is just weird. Yea it’s scary, but mainly because I don’t understand the mindset of a man willing to paint himself and put on over size shoes just to chase me with a bucket filled with confetti.

*I know some older people used to love this Bozo guy, I guarantee I would of had nightmares if I grew up watching him. Lets compare him to one of the popular kids mascots when I grew up.

Image result for bozo the clownImage result for barney

Nuff said.


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