Javale McGee’s Hair Now Greatly Reflects His Game

Not one rat tail…

Not two rat tails…

3 rat tails.

Takes a bold man to do bold things and think that it’s alright, and Javale McGee’s always been bold.

Or ugly, maybe ugly’s the word I’m looking for. Because Javale’s found a way to match the ugliness of his game with his hair. Sometimes Javale makes you wonder if he’s an idiot or a revolutionary. And it’s a constant battle in my mind which category he fits into. Just take a look at the new hair:

javale mcgee hair.png

First reaction, it’s not a great look.

But second reaction, I could easily see this catching on and being trendy within the next six months. Always thought the three lines in the side of your head was a stupid look, but that caught on and might still be a thing. Would love for him to braid the tails, but that’s for another day.


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