Blue Jays Fans Throw Beer Cans, Yell Racial Slurs at Hyun Soo-Kim, Kinda Prove Canada Sucks

But Americans have the reputation of being rude and inconsiderate, aight.

In case you somehow missed it yesterday, the Orioles’ Hyun Soo-Kim was going back to catch a fly ball, when a beer can came out of the clouds skied by him:

beer can throw toronto.gif

Pretty sad that he said “probably”, just assuming that some terrible people were yelling at him to go back to his country.

Toronto really wants to be the most hated team in the MLB. I mean, every era has to have some bad boys. Pistons in the 90s. Patriots in the 00’s and now. But there’s a difference between being tough, and just being jackasses. If you ever throw anything onto a field during the game, you’re the worst kind of person and I hope that you fall into a pit full of butterflies and they slowly gnaw away at you, tiny bite by tiny bite, until you’re gonezo.



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