Adam Laroche’s Son Will Throw Out the First Pitch for the Nationals at Game 2

If you somehow don’t know the story of Adam Laroche and his son Drake, read how we covered it before proceeding.

What’s most surprising to me is that Laroche hasn’t been picked up by a political party or some sort of group, and exploited as an example of being a good father because he quit his job for his son. You’re welcome to whatever cause will now make him their spokesman.

I need these two to go far away though, and live their weirdly close life together in the Rocky Mountains or wherever they camp at night. Because we’ve got to stop giving this kid air time. The kid won’t be weird because he’s not going to school, he’ll be weird because his father’s giving him anything and everything that he wants. That’s not being a good father, that’s being a pushover. It’s one thing if you’re an NFL player quitting your job because you don’t want your kids to be without a father by the time you’re 50. Not what the deal with Laroche and the Sox was.

I imagine the conversation between Drake and Adam Laroche went something like this:

“Dad, I want to be a part of the White Sox”

“Well, son, you’re 14, so no”

“Wrong answer, bitch”

“Okay, I’ll tell Kenny Williams I quit”

Same thing went down for this first pitch probably too. There’s no way the Nats asked Drake Laroche to throw out the first pitch. But he told daddy that it would be unacceptable for Adam to throw it out solo.


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