Tiger’s Taking Pictures With Models Again, So Golf’s Going to be Great Again

We’ve got to make this decision as a society. Would we rather Tiger be mixing around with models, and be winning tournaments, or he be a good moral man and suck at golf?

Because I’ve always strongly believed that Tiger’s issue was no different than a superstition. Ortiz pees on his hands. Guys have certain meals they need to eat or else they’re off. Tiger goes around and flirts with a new women every night, and that helps him win majors.

Whatever your opinion may be, the correlation’s clear. And this new picture of Tiger with Paulina Gretzky means one thing: Tiger’s about to go on an absolute golf tear, and your boy might even start tuning into golf again. He’s rocking the red again, with a glass of whiskey and coke, just enjoying life. Love it. Need it.

tiger and paulina gretzky.png


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