Ben Simmons to Miss Entire Season

Via Complex:

During a Monday appearance on 97.5 The Fanatic, Bob Cooney of thePhiladelphia Daily News reported that Simmons’ agent Rich Paul will reportedly not let the power forward play this upcoming season. “I just got off the phone with somebody who I really trust in the NBA, and he’s like there’s no way his agent is going to let him play this year,” Cooney said. “That’s an injury that you don’t mess around with, and he thinks he’s going to keep him off his feet all year.” 

Ben Simmons mess around and just sit out his entire contract in Philadelphia. Why not? Get paid by the Sixers, and go work out on your own somewhere warm.

Doesn’t help that dude put on 35 pounds this summer, which simply can’t be just muscle. A few too many Philly cheese steaks I’d guess. Not to brag, but a certain former high school football player once had a Jones fracture in his foot, and was back 10 weeks later, without surgery. So am I a better athlete than Ben Simmons and Kevin Durant? Well the jury’s still out I’d imagine.

Get healthy, Benny boy. It’s time for you to live up to the hype.



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