We Need More Guys in Gorilla Costumes Running Onto Soldier Field Apparently

Shoutout to this guy for being bold and making some plays out on the field, could probably find him a spot on the Bears roster. (Don’t let anyone tell you we’re not occasionally witty.)


But when you start looking at the correlations here, the Bears have yet to lose a game this season where a guy wearing a Gorilla Suit and an “All Lives Matter” t-shirt ran onto the field in the middle of the game and gets arrested. Makes you think, right? I need all of our loyal viewers that have Bears tix to do the same stunt at the next Bears home game. When you get arrested, just let them know it was for research.

Unbelievable that the guy didn’t get hit by on of the players he ran past. Football, by far, is the most dangerous sport to get onto the field on. Plus, I’ve already said that if you’re not naked, I don’t want you to run on the field. Literally grow a pair. It’s not a sexual thing, more of a challenge from one man to another.


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