This Pats Fan Bringing a Kaepernick Jersey to Stand On During the Anthem’s the Pettiest Thing Ever

Some people are born stupid, others take years to hone that talent. This dude’s been honing his stupidity for years I’d guess.

When you’re going out of your way to buy a Kaepernick jersey, bringing it to a stadium where the Niners aren’t even playing, just to stand on it during the national anthem, you’re petty and hypocritical. Petty because it’s such a childish way of arguing with Kaepernick’s stance. You’re the kid who doesn’t have any thing to back up his argument, but just keeps fighting because you don’t want people to know you’re wrong.

And then hypocritical, because you’re doing exactly what you think Kaepernick is doing wrong, and that’s disrespecting the anthem. You’re making it about yourself, about the statement you’re making, and how “pro-military” or whatever you are. Just like you may think Kaepernick’s disrupting the anthem, so are you. How can one be right, and the other be wrong?

Best take I’ve heard yet on this came on Colin Cowherd’s show last week, when one of the guests tells how in Kansas City, Chiefs fans yell “Home of the CHIEFS”, instead of home of the brave at the end of the anthem. If sitting during the anthem’s un-American, certainly changing the words to make it about football and not our brave soldiers is borderline treasonous.


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