Mike Tolbert Used Coins to Pay a $3900 Bill to a Car Shop

Mike “Round Mound of Hissy Fits” Tolbert.

I barely bothered to read the whole Facebook and Instagram post, because that just seemed a lot of work. But the jist is that he had a disagreement over a new engine in his car. Pissed to the point that once the work was finally done, he took out $3900 in coins to pay the shop.

First off, if we’re talking quarters, I have no respect. That’s a childish move if you’re doing the “pay all in coins” stunt. Has to be nickels or pennies for full effect. Probably have to visit 6 or 7 banks to even get that much change, and then what a dump truck? I don’t know that Mike Tolbert has that kind of money to be getting a dump truck to transfer these things too. $3900 in pennies is, uhhhh, 39 gajillion pennies? Somebody do the math, and while you’re at it, calculate the pettiness.


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