Some Yankees Fans are Planning a MASSIVE Big Papi Mooning For His Final Games in the Bronx

David Ortiz said one of the only things he wanted this season was a standing ovation in the Bronx from Yankees fans. Surely Yankees fans will act respectfully to the guy, just like Sawx fans gave towards Jeter a couple years ago.

Aaaaaaand nope. In true New Yorker form, there’s an actual website and movement to straight up mooning David Ortiz. And they’ve got a better website than half the internet:



There’s even this wild analogy/story between Big Papi and the woman from Good Times, which shows you this dude was drunk as shit when he made up this whole campaign:


Papi actually responded to all of this today, saying “If 50,000 people moon me, I promise you I’ll be crying laughing”.

Obviously these guys are just trying to sell some t-shirts (they were out of stock when I looked), and there’s a 0% chance they’ll actually allll moon Papi. Love when they say on the site that “they’ll arrest 10 people for mooning, but not 10,000!” That’s not how any of this works. You’re in the biggest city in the country, they’ve got the resources to give your stupid ass (see what I did there? eyyyyyy) tickets.

It’s obvious that Yankees fans should give Papi a standing ovation. He burned the Yanks time and time and time again, and it’s something you have to respect. There are a handful of guys each generation of sports that are that clutch, that often, in those big of moments. Jeter. Tiger. Kobe. Brady. Ortiz. You don’t have to ever like him, just like Red Sox fans don’t like Mariano or Jeets. Or how Bears fans hate Rodgers, UNC fans hate Coach K, or Bulls fans hate Lebron. Those fan bases will never like those players. Ever. Legitimate hate. But at the end of the day, you have to respect what they do against you. That’s how rivalries work.

Ortiz was the guy that never expected respect, but instead earned it. Every. Damn. Season. Do the right thing, Yankees fans.



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