A Drew Brees Trade to the Jets Just Makes Sense

Saints can’t buy a W.

Ryan Fitzpatrick can’t throw a pass to a guy with the same jersey.

So why wouldn’t the Jets trade for Brees?

Yes, the Saints just signed the Brees extension, and that could make things more complicated. But if you’re Brees, and you can still play at the level he’s been playing, wouldn’t you want to be on a time that has a chance at being competitive? He’s already got around 1100 yards this year, and completing 66% of his passes, with an 8:1 touchdown to pick ratio. Dude’s still hitting his prime still this late in the career. And for the organization, they need everything. So if you can gather up some picks, and start the rebuild you desperately need to start, why wouldn’t you pull the trigger?

For the Jets, if Fitzpatrick throws up another 5 or 6 picks next week, my trade gains some traction. They’ve got too good of a roster to be losing a game because their quarterback’s turning it over 6 times every Sunday. Forgot the financials of it, that’s for some accountant to figure out in their windowless office. In football terms, Drew Brees to the Jets makes too much sense, for both teams.


One thought on “A Drew Brees Trade to the Jets Just Makes Sense

  1. Do you have any idea what a stat padder Brees is? And the difference between his stats at home, and away, particularly when he’s not playing in a dome? No bigger difference in home and away stats among qb’s than Brees. And he’s the classic “touchdown stealer”, taking them away from his running backs. This year, he already has 4 td’s of 1, 2 and 3 yards. Finally, in 3rd game, he allowed a running back to try and run one in, and they got a running touchdown. Even though they have a good running game

    My point is, you will be shocked what Brees stats will look like in cold weather, and when he isn’t allowed to indiscriminately throw 1 yard td’s to pad his stats, or continue playing in game down 41-3 as was at Carolina year or two ago, and he had thrown for 67 yards in first three quarters and an interception. In 4th quarter he threw for 170 yards and td, while Carolina had subs in playing prevent defense

    But you want him. . .will be fun to watch him outside NO get killed


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