Dee Gordon Honors Jose Fernandez in At-Bat, Hits Leadoff HR, Cries, and It Was Awesome

We all knew it would be a tough scene in Miami when they went out and played the game that Jose Fernandez was supposed to pitch in. As great as it is to celebrate the life of Jose Fernandez, and laugh about the good times you had with him. But at some point you’re going to breakdown. Even the Mets announcers couldn’t hold it together: 

Then the Marlins did something I’ve never seen before in a tribute. Lined up down the baseline, caps over their heart, they had one trumpeteer solemnly play “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, an ode to Fernandez’s love for the game, but also the fragility of life. This tweet says it all:

But by far, the best moment of the whole game came in the first at-bat. Wearing Jose’s helmet, Dee Gordon took one pitch righty in honor of his teammate, before switching to the left side of the plate and BLASTING a leadoff homerun. With a heavy heart, he pounded his chest and looked up to the sky as he crossed home plate, eventually sobbing in the arms of teammates as he entered the dugouts. Goosebumps and tears:

Big shoutout to Bartolo Colon on this one too. He’ll never admit it, but he grooved that fastball in there so Dee Gordon could go yard. And you should respect the hell out of that. We’ll be talking about this play for decades and decades. It’s not a walk-off homer to win the World Series, or a perfect game, or a big hit to win the pennant. But to the Miami community, the Cuban community, Marlins fans, Dee Gordon and his teammates, and the whole MLB, that moment was everything. And it was freaken awesome.


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