Yesterday was the Worst Day in the History of Sports


Sunday morning, we started with that tragic Jose Fernandez story. I don’t even know if tragic does it justice, because it’s bigger than that, as Eduardo Perez explained.

Then, less surprising maybe, but still heartbreaking to millions of golf fans (and drink enthusiasts), all-time GOAT Arnold Palmer passed away at home. Felt like he was immortal.

If you’re a member of the Miles family, the day kept getting shittier with Les getting fired by LSU. Was always a fan of Les. Love a coach with a personality, but we’ll obviously get to see him coach later this year for Bama.

And then to cap it off, our Bears shit the bed. I know that doesn’t hold a candle to two amazing guys passing away, but it capped off what you can all agree was the worst day in sports history. That’s what sports does to you: one day, it brings you up up up. Whether it’s a great game, or a great story, sometimes you sit back on a Sunday, and sports makes your entire day. Other days, like yesterday, they tear you down. Start to end, Sunday, September 25th was the most depressing sports day, probably, ever.


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