Introducing Crossover Report Deep Thoughts

Let me preface by saying I didn’t tell anybody on staff about this, so I’m on an island and going rogue (is it possible to do both?).

What’s Crossover Report Deep Thoughts?

Well, I think it’s time we venture outside of sports a bit, and allow you the chance to deeply penetrate our minds. Could be anything from life advice, to why bricks can’t burn, to our thoughts on why slides are being severely underutilized by society. We’ve got some guys that know some things here.

Personally, I’ve never been more excited for an expansion. Literally have a list on my phone of subjects I want to talk about that have nothing to do with sports, but will better your life (for example, why did we learn so much about syllables in grade school when they mean absolutely nothing?). Can’t really predict where this’ll go, because I explained it TERRIBLY. Stay tuned.

obama finger guns.gif


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