Chris Bosh Done in Miami

According to Heat president Pat Riley, Chris Bosh’s “Heat career is probably over.”  ESPN reports that Riley told reporters earlier today Bosh’s latest health diagnoses hasn’t come back any more promising.

Bosh has dealt with multiple blood clots that have sidelined him over the past two seasons.  In a hope to return healthy for the upcoming season, those hopes were dwindled after Bosh failed his last physical.

The Heat would go on to say that since Bosh failed the physical he would not be permitted to participate in the teams preseason training camp.  Pat Riley was also quoted saying, “There is no next step for us, it’s pretty definitive for us in our position.

Bosh is to be the highest played player on the Heat making $75.8 million over the next three seasons.  The team will be able to get salary-cap relief if Bosh doesn’t return to the court.  Bosh could also be deemed “disabled” when he is examined by an independent doctor in February.  If he is declared “disabled” then Bosh would be named a free agent and the Heat would no longer need to pay his salary.

Bosh ranks in the top ten of Miami Heat history for points, rebounds, blocks and All-star games.


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