Soooo Theo Epstein Told ESPN He Enjoys Stalking People

Remember where you heard it first when TMZ breaks a story about Theo Epstein being charged with following folks all around the North Side some day.

ESPN, that’s where, but you’re here reading this so give us a little credit. In a recent interview with them, Epstein said I just like being anonymous so much that I would follow people home because they didn’t know who I was and I could watch them,” Epstein said. “I know how that sounds. I could not exist but observe.” 


kevin hart what.gif


jeopardy what.gif

I don’t think you do “know how that sounds”, because it sounds illegal? We need more info here Theo, because if you’re looking for people to second your feelings here, I don’t think they’re allowed on the internet or into baseball games.

You’re so hell bent on observing, go watch birds. Google image something wacky. Sit on a bench and people watch. People watch, not follow.



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