People Think This Trump-Themed Bama HS Game Was A Bit Much

I’m assuming if you’re a white kid in Alabama, it’s the “cool thing” to support the Donald. Like how it’s the cool thing to stroke off Reagan if you’re in a fraternity, you know?

Sort of similar to how I had issues to the 6 year olds kneeling during the anthem because they’re freaking 6 and shouldn’t get thrown into all that, I don’t like when people who can’t vote go this hard over the election. Yes, it’s vital that people under 18 understand the processes and the issues and are involved in all of it. Declaring a whole night Trump night, and running through a “Make America Great Again” poster? Not a fan.


You can’t say what Kaepernick and many athletes are doing is ok, but this isn’t. If one group has the right to stand up for (seemingly) one side of the argument in a public forum, then the other side sure as hell has that same right. Once again people, just because you don’t agree with everything somebody’s saying doesn’t mean you have to completely hate them and discredit their right to an opinion, and stop listening. You can dislike Trump, and dislike these signs at high school evens, etc. etc. etc., but then you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT be pissed at the people who don’t like what Kaepernick’s doing.

If you really want freedom of speech, you’re going to hear stuff you don’t like.


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