MUST WATCH: Japan’s Playing Pro Basketball Games on Completely-LED Courts

You’ve probably seen this kind of stuff before on courts. It usually goes down pre-game, but it’s projections. Those Japanese though, busted out the full LED-screen court, debuting it this week.

They’re basically playing on a gigantic flat-screen TV, which I don’t understand at all. Because how is it strong enough to withhold people jumping all over it, but not so hard that you shatter your whole body when you fall on it.

Would personally hate this shit if I were playing. Don’t need all sorts of graphics on the court, that’s silly. But if you’re playing in some Japanese c-league, then this is the kind of stuff you’re going to have to deal with. Be better at basketball or choose a different profession if you don’t want your team to have to come up with gimmicks to sell tickets.

*Story first reported by Kotaku*


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