Kevin Johnson Beat the Hell Out of a Protester at a Farm to Table Event

Via East Bay Express:

Multiple sources have confirmed that Sacramento Mayor, former NBA star, and UC Berkeley standout Kevin Johnson was hit in the face with a pie tonight at a farm-to-table dinner event — then he tackled and assaulted the protester in a “bloody” brawlSources in attendance have told the Express that, during the meal, a protester ran at the mayor and threw a store-bought pie in his face.

OG Kevin Johnson takes NO SHIT from people, gotta love it.

We talk about rebels without a cause all the time, especially with the professional protesters we’ve got in the world. Here’s another one. I can’t put myself in the mind of a person that would protest something so non-consequential, and obviously good, as having fresh food. Because that’s all I understand farm to table to be, a push to have fresher foods with less preservatives and stuff that causes cancer. How could you be angry about that? How does that negatively affect your life so much that you feel the need to throw pies at people because of it?

Violence isn’t the answer, but you can tell that Kevin Johnson’s out of his way of office in a few months. Doesn’t. Give. A. Damn.


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