Tony Parker’s Hosting Basketball Games on Swiss Glaciers Now Apparently

For somebody with bad ankles and knees, you’d think that Tony Parker would stay away from slippery surfaces. Freshly cleaned floors, bowling alleys, glaciers, all the regulars.

Every picture’s wilder than the last one, let’s flash a few for y’all to set the scene:

Big puffy jacket under the jersey doesn’t look as bad as I thought it’d look. Jeans on the court is still forever a no-no, don’t care the weather.

But it’s weird, because there are pictures of some guys wearing straight shorts and t-shirts on the court. White guys, yes, still one of those things I can’t grasp. Like how the ocean can be warmer in the winter than it can be in the summer. Does it have something to do with dryness, like how California has a dry heat? Because I’ve always thought that it’s usually warmer when it snows, so maybe a wet cold can be warmer. Some things to think about, let me know.



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