Mayweather’s Football Team of 6 Year Olds Kneeling During Anthem Doesn’t Make Sense

Nothing angers me more than parents roping their kids into serious social issues when the kids aren’t old enough to completely know the nuances or what’s happening.

Not talking about taking your kids to Church, or telling them what they can wear. Talking about when I walk to class back in St. Louis and I have an 8 year old handing me a graphic anti-abortion pamphlet at like 9:30 on a Monday morning. This kid doesn’t understand the different stances. Just that mommy and daddy said to hand out fliers with dead fetuses on them to a bunch of college kids that haven’t had coffee yet.

Bringing us to Floyd Mayweather’s team of 6 YEAR OLDS deciding themselves that they should kneel during the national anthem of their football game last week. First off, wild that they’re playing the national anthem for a 6 year olds game. And then, it doesn’t feel right for parents to be thrusting their kids into the middle of a tense situation. No matter what side you’re on, you should agree that 6 year olds can’t understand the situation, and maybe we should leave this one to AT LEAST people on the brink of puberty. Wouldn’t people say the same thing if there were a 6 year old condemning Colin Kaepernick? Want to hear your thoughts, comment below.

Red Lions Youth Football protest

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