Larry Brown’s Trying to Coach HS Basketball Next Season a la Martin Lawrence in Rebound

Less pressure (but not no pressure) to commit academic and recruiting violations.

East Hampton High School in Long Island, New York was coached to over 550 wins by the legendary Ed Petrie (he had another couple hundred elsewhere), making him the most successful coach in Long Island history. Last year, Petrie passed away at 82. Making a gap not in the community, and an opening at head coach for EHHS.

In an all-time ballsy move, they called Larry Brown. And astoundingly, that man said he’s interesting, saying he wants to spread his “knowledge of the game at any level before it’s too late”. Larry’s from Brooklyn, so it’s not the craziest thing in the world.

But if your first thought wasn’t that Larry’s acting out the plot of Rebound, I don’t want to be your friend. Maybe Long Island’s good at basketball, but I couldn’t find anything suggesting that. Larry Brown coaching the Smelters a la Martin Lawrence will be something I need to witness in person. Great PR for a guy that’s got no less than 855 recruiting violations. Can we get a sponsor to pay for that for me??


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