Georgetown Offering Money-Back-Guaranteed Marriage Proposal Package

Absolutely torn on whether proposing at a sporting event’s cool because it’s memorable, or dumb because it’s overdone.

Personally, I’d never have the courage. Too much pressure. Forever roasted on Barstool, Deadspin, and every other blog if you get rejected in front of 10s of thousands of people in person, and more on TV. But Georgetown’s athletic department’s trying to ease that pain for those afraid.

Money back guarentees on your marriage proposal package through them. It’s like $100 and you get some shirts, a chance to propose on court, photos, and stuff like that. But most importantly, if she says no (or he, whatever the situation is), you get your $100 back. You still have to carry the shame and embarrassment the rest of your life. Plus the few g’s you threw down for the ring will be a big ole hole in the pocket. But you’ll get your $100 back!


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