Refs Somehow Missed 16 Calls in the Packers Game Last Week

Hate so much when the NFL does this thing where they come out and roast officials after games. Straight up roast, putting their names on paper as being failures.

This is some next level stuff. Folks at the front office deemed that there were 16 GAME-CHANGING CALLS missed by officials in the Jags-Pats game. Doesn’t do anything if you’re the Jags or a Jags fan, because you already lost.

They were out there just phoning it in. 16 seems like a poor effort. To their side though, of those 16 calls, there’s still a lot of in-game judgement that had to happen. You could have 50 different refs and say there were anywhere between 0 and 50 missed calls in any given game.


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