Meek Mill to drop DC4 after Monday Night Football with the Eagles? (Game vs Meek beef)

The Philadelphia rapper, Meek Mill is set to release his highly anticipated mixtape Dream Chasers 4 in September. Drama has once again surrounded Meek as the California rapper Game attacked Meek in a diss track called “92 bars”. The attack came from nowhere as Game claimed that Meek had snitched on him and he knew what he had done. Extremely vague thing to be mad at especially when the public has no idea what was “snitched” Doesn’t sound like it was too serious. Either way the track was ok but left us wanting more. When you start up a rap beef you have all the time in the world to prepare, 92 bars certainly wasn’t something that came out as swinging haymakers.

The Game Disses Meek Mill on ’92 Bars’

Meek learned his lesson from the Drake beef and quickly responded to the Game in a nasty diss track called “Ooouuu” featuring Beanie Sigel and Omelly, who was prominent on the Drake diss track “War Pain.” Meek Sigel and Omelly went to town on Game’s past as a male stripper and claimed that the snitch story was “made up to promote his album” The diss track by Meek had the internet taken by storm with almost a universal decision that Meek had won.

Now that the attention is on Meek, what better time to drop his new project? The Philly rapper is ride or die for his city. When the release date of September was announced no one was looking at the NFL schedule. Well late is better than never. The Philadelphia Eagles play the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football tonight at 7:30 CT. What better timing than after his city was the focus of the sporting world in prime time football and after the recent popular beef with Game. Meek legitimately could tweet out after the game something along these lines “Philly did its thing tonight, lets keep the celebration going. DC4 up right now. That’s my city!”

That’s my prediction. The stars are lining up. The nation is talking about Philly right now more than probably any other time of the year. If Meek doesn’t drop his album, I gotta feel like he missed the opportunity of a lifetime. For music lovers everywhere, we can only hope that the winner of Billboard’s Album of the Year releases his next fuego for us.


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