Could Paul Lamb be the Starting Quarterback for the Patriots?

Said earlier today that Jacoby Brissett was going to be fine at QB for the Pats. It’s a system that they can form around any talent until they get better.

Which begs the question, could I be QB1 for New England?

Let’s go through some measurables. 5’9″ (don’t @ me, I’m 5’9″ AT LEAST  on the stadium program), 180 pounds, small hands, probably a 5.5 40. Immediate reaction? Not great. Doubt I could hold the ball, or see over the o-line.

BUT. I’ve always been certain I’d have the best shovel pass in the league, and read the d-end on the option better than Mariota. Quick slants will get knocked down, sure. Deep passes will be a fleeting memory. But we’d go 2-0 the next two weeks, without a doubt. Because that’s the kind of system the Patriots have in place to make guys like Jimmy G and Jacoby Brissett flourish.


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