Temple Fans Did Everything They Could to Disrupt the JoePa Tribute

Well put CanesInSight, well put.

Nobody should be overly surprised that there are idiots still standing up for JoePa, or even Sandusky. Because there are stupid people everywhere.

What’s surprising is how vocal Temple fans were in making their point known, that even at Penn State, they were going to refuse to play along with the whole day that honored JoePa:

The Temple community doesn’t mess around with this stuff.They were pissed before with their own school for not distancing themselves enough from Bill Cosby quickly. Cosby resigned from the board of trustees after the sexual assault allegations came out, but that still wasn’t seen as enough by most of the student body.

And so we should’ve known they weren’t going to be respectful for some shit like this, rightly so. If you’re a Temple alum, you should be very proud of yourselves today. Because it wasn’t just individuals trying to protest it, it was an impressive organized effort. Those guys with the banner said that security tried to take it from them, but they were resilient, and wanted their message to be heard. Well down Owls.


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