Absolutely Love Rice’s Band Making Fun of the Baylor Sexual Assault Scandal

College bands should serve no purpose other than making goofy shapes at halftime of games. The music doesn’t have to be good if you can make a Title IX joke in shapes:

Didn’t really do any research, but I’m sure that there was outrage about this. That sexual assault shouldn’t be made fun of, or that it’s not Rice’s place to say some shit about Baylor. Couldn’t disagree more.

Sexual assault isn’t funny, at all. But it’s necessary that we make schools and football programs that cover it up or don’t do anything to prevent it feel as terrible as possible. There should’ve been more people making fun of JoePa and Sandusky, or Bill Cosby. Because why in the world should we be showing mercy to the worst people in society? Why the hell should we let people guilty of the worst crimes in humanity, or guilty of covering them up, off the hook? They’ve lost that right. I don’t give a shit if Art Briles or Ken Starr had their feelings hurt, or if other members of Baylor that covered up the sexual assault feel bad. Why would anybody? The more we publicly ridicule the people that commit these crimes or allow them to happen, the less we’ll see these crimes. If you know you’re going to get roasted for years and years and your reputation will be ruined, chances are you’ll stop doing it. Shoutout to Rice.


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