South Carolina Cop Saves Another Guy From Jumping Off Bridge By Talking Gamecock Football

For as many lives as concussions have ended, at least football has saved now 2 lives in South Carolina.

Bad opening line, but unbelievable story out of South Carolina. Break it down really quick, there’s this hero cop there that’s talked two guys off of bridges the past few weeks by talking about football. Should be a positive towards my character that I’m not making a joke about the first guy being a Notre Dame fan, and that having anything to do with him being on the bridge. Not bragging, just thought it should be noted.

And then this week, my mans pulled off another miracle. Talking to a man down on his luck, officer Michael Blackmore told him that he’ll be “watching South Carolina tomorrow, and the Redskins Sunday, and think ‘man, what was I thinking on Friday?'”, and that he’ll “see him sometime next week and talk about the Redskins win”. Honestly, what brings them most together is their hatred of the Cowboys: this guy in the Hall of Fame of life.

Video via, watch there if WordPress didn’t let me embed it here.


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