First coach of the NFL season already axed: Bills OC Greg Roman FIRED

Well that certainly didn’t take long. The Bills have just fired offensive coordinator Greg Roman who was also the highest paid OC in the NFL. This certainly comes as a shock to me. While many believed that Roman and the offensive staff were on a hot seat after week 1’s awful offensive showing, Thursday Night Football’s loss certainly does not fall onto the offense. Greg Roman’s offense put up just under 400 yards and 31 points on a pretty good Jets defense.

Certainly this move comes from Rex Ryan who is trying to save face. Firing someone after two game is nearly unheard of, especially when game two shows a vast improvement from game one. More likely than not, Ryan and Roman had a falling out after the game. One has to wonder if the blame for the Bills season in fact lies with Ryan. Ryan’s defense lost that game as jump ball after jump ball and run after run, the Jets offense decimated the Bills defense.

It has been reported that assistant head coach Anthony Lynn is now calling plays for the Bills. Lynn is a huge proponent for running the ball and LeSean McCoy will certainly be seeing an uptick in work. This move should definitely worry Bills fans as Tyrod Taylor had a very good season last year under Roman, with the change coming mid season, this could stunt Taylor’s development and be the implosion of yet another Bills team.



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