Trying to Guess What Football Position Trump Played in High School

Trump was at Canton today, taking a tour of the Hall of Fame, and talking about what his high school football experiences taught him.

“I played at a very low level, in high school. But it taught me toughness of not just the body, but more of the mind.”

Agree with him on this one, that even a low level of experience makes Americans who Americans are, and builds toughness all around. But if you had to guess, what do you think Trump played?

I’m guessing he was an offensive guard, and a sneaky one. Back when your boy used to play, there was no position you could get away with more than offensive guard. You can hold, dive at the sides of blitzing linebackers’ knees, and pinch nipples, the best trick of all. Trump was definitely a nipple pincher.

And you KNOW he was dude at the bottom of the pile trying to wrestle away the football from whoever actually recovered the football. Holding the ball up after the play like “Ref, how can you say it’s not our ball when I’m holding the ball?”

trump high school football.jpg


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