People Are Stroking This Texas HS Football Kid For Standing During The Anthem Despite ACL Tear

Vita Tonga had ACL surgery last week, but days later still stood during the national anthem at his high school football game (which was at mini-Jerry World).

Headline should’ve read “man stands up after doctors do their job and fix his knee”. Nothing more, nothing less. But the headline instead was:

Quote from Vita after the game was “People give their lives just so I can stand up over here in the United States so, therefore, I feel as an American citizen, I should stand.”

Fine, just like it’s fine to not stand during the anthem, it’s obviously fine to stand in honor of something you respect. But Lordy do you have to make a show out of it? That takes away all the purpose of it. You’ve stopped honoring the flag or the troops or whoever, and made the story about you. All of Texas Twitter jumped on this like the guy was standing for the anthem despite polio:

Standing with a repaired ACL for 3 minutes a day after surgery isn’t heroic. Kid’s not a hero, or some brave soul. Just a dude standing for the anthem. Get over yourselves, Texas. Even Vita thinks he’s “taking a stand”:


Once again, just because you say you’re “standing up for those taking bullets for us” doesn’t mean you are. Because you’re making it about yourself. I hate all these hot takes from people who are anti-Kap, and “pro-troops”, because if you’ve got such great reverence for the flag and anthem and everything it stands for, to the point you’ll send death threats to Colin through Twitter, and make a grand show out of standing for the anthem, tell me what you’re doing to help out the military. What actual things have you done recently to help police, military, first responders, etc. We’ve had folks coming out of the woodworks to VEHEMENTLY (spell check) disagree with Kap’s movement. Not talking about Dilfer or other people who say that they think Kaepernick isn’t doing it the right way, or that they respect his opinion, but have a different one. Talking about people like this Alabama pastor that announced at a game there that people not standing should be shot.  This is in the same breath of violently saying you support our troops because it makes you look good, rather than because you actually care about our troops.

Because say what you will about Kap’s stance, at least he’s now started to actively do things to confront the issues he was protesting. At the start? I didn’t know how committed Kap was. He’s clearly ready to take this as far as possible.

Not that this kid needs to be donating thousands of dollars to charity, etc. But you want to be in the spotlight? You want to make the story all about your support of the military? Go volunteer at the VA, play with kids that lost their parents to war, anything if you’re soooooo passionate about it, enough to dominate a Texas news cycle for a day.


I don’t think Kap’s a hero for what did. Just an American exercising his right to an opinion. So obviously calling this kid a “hero”, and doing it seriously not as a joke, is not only wrong, but disgusting and disrespectful.


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