Hooligan Lou Drops New Album, and It’s Necessary

Friend of the site Hooligan Lou just dropped an album, and it’s necessary.

Oh, and he’s only 17, from Briarcliff Manor, New York, which Lou tells me was voted both the safest and most boring town in the entire state of NY. Remember that when you’re listening, and think about what he’ll be with some more refined rhymes, and better production. Which isn’t to say this album doesn’t earn a spot in your library, because it does. If you’ve listened to Lou’s other stuff, you know this is another 15 steps in the right direction. Very excited for what he’s got coming in the future.

Most of you are still probably relatively new to Lou’s music. The young Hooligan says the premise to his music is to “save the rap culture from becoming noise instead of art. The radio cats just make noise on a beat, but I try to create an image of false nostalgia for those who haven’t experienced the events I rap about, in a sense transporting them into the image I create with the art”.

Pretty big stuff from a 17 year old, listen to the album below, and give the kid a follow on Twitter:



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