Chill On the Trent Dilfer Hate

Conversation’s completely gone from our culture. GONEZO. Let’s start with what Trent Dilfer had to say about Colin Kaepernick during NFL countdown yesterday:

Can you say that what Trent’s saying is completely wrong? That it’s against American values, or that he’s a racist? Not at all. He’s right to say that Colin has hijacked this entire NFL season from the Niners, and made it about him. Dilfer says A MILLION TIMES that he stands on the same side of the issue as Kaepernick. And I thought it was noteworthy for him to admit that he can’t speak to it as a black male like Randy Moss or Charles Woodson can, and that he understands that he may never understand what they might’ve experienced.

But he makes the point that this isn’t the right strategy, and that it’s not the right stage for him to make his point, from a football standpoint. Remember, these are football analysts. So in terms of a football team, yeah, Kaepernick adding all that media and controversy to the team won’t be good in the long run.

You don’t have to agree with Dilfer, but don’t you have to also respect his right to speak his opinion, which isn’t some radical stand? Let’s see how Twitter reacted, probably level-headedly:

Of course they didn’t, who were we kidding. You can’t say you want to tackle these issues, then immediately disregard anybody that doesn’t stand directly in line with you. It’s like the gun debate, where any time anybody says anything about new gun laws, the conversation ends. That’s what we’ve turned this issue into, where neither side wants to listen to the other, it’s disgusting.

Go ahead and not agree with Trent Dilfer, and think that what he’s saying’s the complete opposite of what’s right. But we’ve all got to start respecting people’s opinions again. It can’t be a major campaign to get someone fired and end their life every time they say something you don’t like.

Especially when it’s not even a radical thought! Dilfer thinks there should be a line between sports and culture, maybe you don’t. Personally, I don’t think there should. Without sports, we have no culture. And it’s great these athletes are using their stage to stand up for something they believe in. But him not being on that same wavelength doesn’t make him an idiot, and it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about the lives of black people. All it makes him is another guy, with an opinion, with a stage to demonstrate it. It’s not a hateful opinion, or an oppressive opinion. It’s not him telling Kap to sit in the shadows because he’s black. It’s a former backup quarterback explaining what he thinks the responsibility of a backup quarterback should be.

Grow up and learn how to deal with opinions that are different than yours.You think it’s wrong for league execs to say “Fuck Colin Kaepernick, I hate him”, for using his free speech? Obviously that’s terrible! But then you can’t turn around and use those same phrases towards Dilfer for exercising his free speech.


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