Derrick Rose Says Nick Young’s a Big Reason Why He’s Not Guilty of Rape

TMZ Sports obtained court docs from the current gang rape case brought against Derrick Rose and some of his friends. Super serious allegations. The woman claims she was traumatized by the experience because she’s “sexually inexperienced and prudish”.

To that, Derrick Rose said that can’t be true, because she told him she’s been with Nick Young, and at least 2 other NBA players. Rose brought a text with him to court that said “since u goin to nicks can u please tell him to give u my bra lol.” Nick was dating Iggy at the time, of course.

First, Nick Young really can’t catch a break. Everyone’s airing out his dirty laundry. Once again, if he never cheated on his fiancee, he wouldn’t have to worry about this.

Next up, Derrick, a woman having had sex before doesn’t make it impossible that you forced sex on her. I get he’s trying to beat up her credibility, but he’s basically saying she’s had sex with NBA players before, so there’s no way she would refuse sex with an NBA player ever again. Don’t add up Derrick, go back to the drawing board.


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