Arian Foster Leads Small Group of Dolphins Kneeling During National Anthem

And the Dolphins were quick to respond, immediately putting out a statement that they believe in players rights to express themselves.

None of that should surprise you. And it shouldn’t surprise you that people were pissed the players kneeled today, the 15th anniversary of 9/11, where every stadium played a message from President Obama, and military/police/firefighters/first responders covered the field holding the flag during the anthem.

But here’s something I don’t understand about the NFL. They don’t want to suppress the individuality of these guys. So they won’t let a guy wear 9/11 cleats, or let players wear shirts honoring Tamir Rice or Michael Brown. So they need to make up their mind on what they’ll punish, and what they won’t.

If you’re reading this Roger Goodell, here’s a business idea for ya: after touchdowns, players get a minute and a half, with a microphone, to say whatever they want to say. Gives them an incentive to score more, and an opportunity for them to have a stage to say whatever they want. We can work out the kinks later.


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