Isaiah Thomas Surprised 14 Year Old Shooting Alone at Park

Professional good guy Isaiah Thomas was on his way home with his wife and preschooler, when he noticed a kid on the court alone, putting up some shots, according to the Boston Globe.

Thomas stopped by, and while the kid was grabbing a rebound, said “Can I get a shot?” Kid turned around, speechless, unable to move, just standing in awe. Something out a movie. The picture they took below tells you everything you need to know:

isaiah thomas fan.jpg

That looks like a young P Lamb. Except our backboard wasn’t glass, by a trapezoid of wood we cut ourselves that you had to put up about 10,000 shots on to understand the bounces that it would take.

Nonetheless, it was every kid’s dream growing up that they’d be outside shooting around by themselves and Rajon Rondo would show up and rebound for them. Okay, bad example, maybe that was just me.


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