Get Ready For 10 Million NFL Players Joining Kaepernick’s Protest This Week

Not that it’s a bad thing!

But we’ve already got a dozen individuals who are saying they’ll take a knee during the anthem, and now the entire Seahawks squad will be too. Opening up a “conversation” that will last throughout the Super Bowl, although it’s not like the Twittersphere and reddit threads are necessarily the highest brow of discussion.

One question that needs to be answered is what tangible things Kap and co. want to see. What’s the first step in the road to making the anthem and the flag one that embraces and respects all people? Is it a policy that needs to be enacted, or a mindset that needs to be changed? Are there short term fixes, or does it take a decade?

And next, will the fans be able to respond with respect throughout the whole year, or what will be the breaking point? There are obviously millions and millions who have a deep affection for the flag and what it stands for to them. Military, police, public servants, etc. So again, it’s not wrong for them to be pissed at this kind of demonstration. But can they listen and understand the points to be made, or will they shut out groups they say as disrespectful for something they’re passionate about?

I have no answers to any of that, but hopefully we can find some over the next 5 months of football.



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