Cam Newton goes down with back injury, severity to be determined (UPDATE)

Just seconds ago on a 3rd down play, Cam Newton was sacked by Demarcus Ware. It looked like a normal play but the camera cut immediately to Newton who was rolling on the sideline grabbing his back. A couple seconds later he was helped off the field to the locker room with the assistance of two staff members. Right now we have no idea how bad the injury is and whether Newton will return. But it’s clear that he is in a LOT of pain. One things for certain, the Panthers will need MVP Cam again this season and any injury could drastically hurt this team’s playoff chances.


We will update this story as it progresses


Update: Well it looks like Cam is doing well enough to come back in after that hit. It sure looked scary there for a second but for right now Cam is back in. Though he is favoring his back and being quite cautious. It may just end up being a sprain or could be something more severe they find out after the game. For now Cam is back to throwing and running for the Panthers.


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