NFL Needs a JV Game With the Practice Squads Before Thurs./Mon. Night Football

Like in high school.

Varsity game comes on at 7, but you’ve got the Sophomores coming on the field around 5 or 5:30 to give the earlygoers something to watch, and talk about how “the future looks great”.

Let’s do a 7 on 7 with the practice squads at like 5, with the big boys still kicking off at 7:30. You wouldn’t watch if you were bored? You wouldn’t gamble on it if you were a degenerate?

It’s a selfish move on my part to call for this, because I’m across the pond currently. So tonight’s NFL opener? Kickoff around 3 AM local time. But come on! It can be just one on ones, or Oklahoma drills. These guys should be pushing for it too, get a little bit of exposure! Helps them to get a contract!



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