Pat Riley Still Bitter With LeBron

Miami Heat team President Pat Riley stirred the pot saying that Shaq was a bigger acquisition than LeBron or the Big Three.

Riley told this to the South Florida Sun Sentinel saying, “I’ll say this and I mean this, Shaq’s acquisition was bigger than any acquisition that we ever made, including the Big Three.”  Some found this to be quite shocking and very far-fetched for Riley to make this claim.

Riley would go on to explain the O’Neal acquisition as, “The seminal moment to really make us really, really legitimate, he turned our franchise around. He gave us real legitimacy.”

One, this man has been around basketball for 40 plus years and  has seen much more basketball played than a lot of us will ever see.  His presence and contribution to the game has been well documented and it isn’t at all wrong for him to make this type of comment.

Yes, many will argue that Riley is just salty and upset that LeBron left Miami, I being one of those people.  I truly don’t believe this comment is made if LeBron stays in Miami, but nonetheless, Riley spoke his mind and gave his reasoning.  It gives us basketball fans something to debate and truly is a statement much worth debating.


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