Brees signs two year, $44.25 million dollar deal. Saint’s should have let him go.

This is one of those deals where you think they did the best thing possible but are still idiots. Brees is BY FAR the best player on that New Orleans team. The team itself is not talented. A horrible defense both in the secondary and the D line. Bad special teams. The receiving core is decent enough and Ingram can get the job done running the ball. Yet is any of that taking you to the playoffs? I don’t think so.

Brees is one of the NFL’s best passers but is 37 years old and there has been a LOT of talk about how quickly his arm is fading and how quick he is losing his deep ball touch. Brees is a prime candidate for regression and for quick regression. As easily as he might throw for 5,000 yards this year, I could see his deep ball numbers plummet and interception total spike up. The former Purdue player is on the last legs of his career and a career that made New Orleans great again. Yet at some point as a team you have to think about the future.

New Orleans not only signed him to this deal where nearly all of it was guaranteed but there is a no trade clause as well. The Saints are “stuck” with Brees for the next two years. Some people will laugh at “stuck” as Brees is a top 10 QB in the NFL easily but he is holding this team back from actual playoff relevancy. Let me explain.

By keeping Brees and not addressing the QB position, the Saints are basically sending out a signal that they can compete. That signal should be destroyed, they are not competing for anything this year. They are a bad team that seriously needs a complete rehaul. As brutal as it would be to the city and to the team. I would have tried to trade Brees to another team, maybe even the Vikings who payed an arm and a leg for Sam Bradford. Imagine what they would have paid for a year of one of the greatest QB’s to play the game?

The Saints are in a position where there may be 5 players on that team that you can build around and that is being generous. For the rebuild to start, Brees has to be off this team. Since he is still on this team, the New Orleans staff will play along like they could magically turn into a 13-3 team over night. Essentially wasting two more years of New Orleans fan’s lives and ruining the prime of what should be promising careers in Brandon Cooks and Michael Thomas.

Basically it ends up that this was the move that keeps fans in the seats and keeps the Saints a dark horse for the playoffs but is a massive burden to their future. If I was a Saint’s fan I’d just have to be honest with myself. It is not probably that this team does anything for the next two years unless Brees and this offense puts up historic numbers. So with the almost inevitable bad season on the line, why not rip the bandaid off and start the rough process of getting back on track? Either way what is done is done. All I know is I am furious at the Saints if they do not get a quarterback very early on in next year’s draft. You got Brees there for two years now, you better have your future learning from one of the greats.



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