Florida State Porn Star Releases Ole Miss QB’s DMs to Her

Start it off here: Mia Khalifa’s overrated and everyone should be on that bandwagon by now.

Let me show you the DMs first, and then we’ll work forward from there:

First off, Chad Kelly was barely in Last Chance U. Like what, a 5 minute interview in one episode? If she just followed him because of the show, imagine the stuff she did for JF3, Ollie, Wyatt, maybe even the woofing guy.

Second, she’s not out of his league. Once again, overrated.

Third, and most importantly, Chad Kelly must be pumped because of this. Because there’s undoubtedly worse messages and worse DMs that he has out there. Surely everyone has them. And ESPECIALLY if you’re a star QB at an SEC school. So for this to be the one thing that gets released? Realize the blessings brotha.


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