Fakest Teams in the AP Top 10

Don’t get your hopes up, there’s only two and they’re blatantly obvious. Not to demean what they’ve done this season, because at least one of them already has a signature win.

Washington and Wisconsin. Is fake too strong of a word? Maybe we go with unproven? Most teams are this time of year.

But wasn’t Wisconsin’s win over LSU more of an LSU loss than a Wisconsin win? They’ve got slim offense, and LSU had no quarterback. And they’re still slow Wisconsin, so let’s not take college football playoffs.

And Washington went 7-6 last year! What’s this thing with Washington sports where we all act like they’re really good? First Marqueese Chriss, now a 7-6 team from a year ago who beat Rutgers in week 1 is our number 8 team in the country?

In a season that I’m already declaring the best season in college football history too…


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