Bama Going After More of USC’s Sloppy Seconds

And turning them into championship rings.

Steve Sarkisian, of noted hiding a few flasks in the USC coach’s locker room fame, is reportedly in discussions with Nick Saban and Bama to join the staff as an assistant coordinator.

Love the move, because it’s about more than football. Is Steve Sarkisian really going to be an integral part of this football team moving forward? Does he have that kind of football brain? Nah doubtful. But Nick Saban’s just trying to make it hard on himself, because the championships are becoming too easy.

Speaking of former USC coaches at Bama, Lane Kiffin dropped a monstrous subtweet straight to the hearts of the USC athletic department:

Takes levels to understand the subtweet, which makes it great since the intended target The hashtag at the end is a reference to how USC infamously fired Lane Kiffin at 3:15 am, on the tarmac at LAX. Legendary revenge.


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