Top 5 Viral Moments From Opening Weekend of College Football

College football weekend lived up to the hype in every which way. From fights to electric plays to emotional moments. From allllllll of those moments, we’ve got the 5 best here:


5. Wisconsin Pulls Off Biggest Opening Weekend Upset

Of this year, not all time, relax. And still, most of you probably don’t agree with me. But consider this: Wisconsin now has to win @ Michigan State, @ Michigan, vs. Ohio State, and @ Iowa in 4 straight weeks this season for LSU to make the playoffs. Or hope that one loss to an 8-5 team is good enough of a resume.

4. Penn State’s Fat Kicker Lays Out Returner

Every year we get a great fat kicker story. Maybe it’s just that it’s been this one 5’10”, 260 pound Penn State laying guys out time after time.

Love to see the big fella throw his weight around.

3. USC LB Stomps On Bama Players Bidness

Fine line between playing hard and being dirty. That line’s right below the belt line for most men.

Can’t be the guy that hits people in their dick all the time. Bad look.

2. Nebraska Sends Out Ten Guys On Punt, Takes Delay of Game to Honor Late Punter

If you didn’t get goosebumps the first time you watched this, you’re lying.

Sam Foltz, Nebraska’s punter, passed away this offseason in a car accident. And Nebraska knew they had to do it big for one of their former teammates. Greatly choreographed, and once everyone in the crowd catches on, you start to understand how much that hurt the Nebraska community:

1. A&M Wide Receiver Pops Leg Back In

Feel like this went widely unshown by the big big networks, but luckily the Barstool guys nabbed it:

You can feel the power of it when he pops it back in yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes




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