Two USC Linebackers Accused of Drugging, Raping Woman Multiple Times This Summer

Oh, and then they snapchatted the whole thing, and sent it to the girl’s ex-boyfriend.

Here’s the whole story, via TMZ: Osa Chad Masina and Don Hill (both linebackers) are out and about. Osa’s feeding the girl xanax throughout the day, drinking some wine with her, and chugging Captain Morgan with her at a frat party earlier that night. After the frat party, they head back to Masina’s house, and smoke weed. Hell of a combination we’ve got going so far. They head back to Hill’s apartment, where the she says the pair had sex with her while she was “pretty out of it” due to the combo of meds and booze. Weeks later, the women woke up to Masina having sex with him, and said he continued to force it after she said to stop. She later learned pictures and videos of the incident were sent to her ex-boyfriend, an Arizona football player.

There’s no way to justify Mossina’s actions, obviously. And he’ll be off of the USC team soon, along with Hill (Mossina’s currently suspended, Hill’s not) (maybe not, Hill’s currently the backup OLB, so they probably won’t suspend him til after Bama). Maybe a piece of advice for anybody out there though: don’t mix wine, beer, Captain Morgan, Xanax, and weed in one night. Going to get you into some bad spots more often than not.


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